Fabio Doctorovich: Testosterone

From the ancient era, sexual hormones have always been an obstacle – a huge one. Due to sexual hormones, we want/need to have intercourse. This action generates offspring that we have to take care of. Because of this, sometimes we cannot sleep, other times we do not have enough time, money or attention to focus in other (creative) actions.

At the same time, these biochemical entities that impregnate our bodies seduce us to think and create further, to the infinite. They motivate us to love, construct, intercourse, re-create, run, hide, invent, innovate, intimidate.

Abyssmo cerrado inconcluso by Fabio Doctorovich. 1994.


And, of course, children are our greatest and more complex creations.

In summary, testosterone and androgen are colossal speed bumps that accelerate bodies and lives towards the penetration of creation.