Rocio Pichirili: Deadlines

The final countdown, an incessant voice on your head, the tic tac on your watch, your heart beating so fast, your breathing accelerated. It’s not a panic attack, your deadline is knocking on your door.

I’m not going to say the way to become deadlines in something positive is anticipating to them or being more creative using time. Quite the opposite, deadlines are related with stress and stress is something good, we just have to know it. We interpret these physical changes as bad signs, but actually, our bodies are helping us to rise to that challenge. A pounding heart is preparing you for action, the breathing is getting more oxygen to your brain. Also oxytocin, the stress hormone, is a natural anti-inflammatory that stay us relaxed during stress and gives us empathy and social instincts.

In conclusion, deadlines are an opportunity to make of the job something exciting. We think clearly, work faster, response better. We just have to know it.

Rocio Pichirili was born in 1989, in Buenos Aires. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from UNSAM (Universidad Nacional de San Martín). Producer of “MOCHA” (documentary, 2017) and “¿Who is Gerald?” (featured film, 2018). Professor of audiovisual language. Researcher of developing narratives in 360°.